YouTube Shortcuts! (Windows)

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts – Windows

A valuable table of video shortcut keys. Ever want to pause that video at a certain spot, and can’t get the mouse fast enough? This is better!

play/pause spacebar, or “k”/td>
rewind 5 seconds left arrow
rewind 10 seconds “j”
advance 5 seconds right arrow
advance 10 seconds “l” (little ‘L’ )
skip to a division of video (middle, 1/4, etc) numbers 1-9; 5=.5=50% or half-way
(top, not 10-key pad)
restart zero (top, not 10-key pad)
fullscreen f / Esc
go to beginning/end HOME / END
volume up/down arrow
increase speed Shift+> or Shift+.
decrease speed Shift+< or Shift+,
adv. 1 frame (when paused) period
back 1 frame comma
mute m
captions c
captions background b
prev vid in playlist shift + p
next video shift + n
Windows Phone, -Out The Door!

Windows Phone, -Out The Door!

Microsoft IS discontinuing support for Windows Phone devices (Windows phone 8.1), it’s true. It was built around the Windows 8.1 platform, which was never popular to start with. (MS has a habit of only releasing a good operating system, every “other” build release, and the other half are crap anyway) There are actually a number of MS products being terminated this year, you may be interested in the list. If you can’t see the picture, you can follow the link to the MS page:  I have highlighted some of the most relevant ones for you: