YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts – Windows

A valuable table of video shortcut keys. Ever want to pause that video at a certain spot, and can’t get the mouse fast enough? This is better!

play/pause spacebar, or “k”/td>
rewind 5 seconds left arrow
rewind 10 seconds “j”
advance 5 seconds right arrow
advance 10 seconds “l” (little ‘L’ )
skip to a division of video (middle, 1/4, etc) numbers 1-9; 5=.5=50% or half-way
(top, not 10-key pad)
restart zero (top, not 10-key pad)
fullscreen f / Esc
go to beginning/end HOME / END
volume up/down arrow
increase speed Shift+> or Shift+.
decrease speed Shift+< or Shift+,
adv. 1 frame (when paused) period
back 1 frame comma
mute m
captions c
captions background b
prev vid in playlist shift + p
next video shift + n