So…do you ever use PayPal MyCash? It’s for when you want to add cash to your PayPal account…they sell these cards, you USE YOUR CASH, likely $500 which is the maximum, and then you run to your desktop (because mobile browsers don’t work any more) …and it says it can’t complete the transaction. So now you are worried…Are you going to be out $500 cash??? (Because the card is NOT refundable!) …so in a panic, you call the number on the website, and you get, guess what, …a stupid recording that will yes, verify you have a balance on the card, but won’t help you load it to your account, and gives no way to talk to a real person. Wow!!

Well today, I FOUND THE SECRET! And of all the “get a real person” trick codes, I think this is the most sophisticaed one I’ve seen so far…

1. Call the number : 855-721-5035 …push 1 for English, or 2 for Spanish…

2. Then it asks for the 10 digit pin on the card followed by pound sign…DON’T DO THIS. Instead, push zero, 3X. (and # if you want it to end faster)

3. then it says “this is not a correct pin…please try again” …and then, AGAIN, push zero, 3 times. (& # )

4. Again it will say you have the wrong pin. And one last time you must press zero 3 times. (& #)

5. NOW it will finally say, “if you want to speak to a representative, please push 1. Push 1 …and wait. (and wait …I can’t help you with this part…if you are lucky someone will answer before the 30 minute wait time is up before you can try your pin on the site again.

Now I confess…when i did this, I still didn’t get a person. Luckily the site came back and let me put my money in my account without waiting too long…20 minutes I think.

All this being said, their cash cards are a pain. Yes. But other than that, I trust PayPal infinitely with my money. I have had people try to rip me off on the web like everyone does occasionally no matter how good you are. PayPal always has had my back. Missing money, they have put back in less than 10 minutes. They are VERY good with my money…BETTER THAN MY BANK, sad to say. So if you are hesitant, take it from me. You can trust them. (more than anyone else anyway.)