Hackers Are Not That Smart…

Hackers Are Not That Smart…

Don’t Fear Hackers, Just Protect, and Sleep At Night

I just wanted to write a brief post, in light of all the internet hacking and malware that is going on lately. There are some pretty nasty infections going around the web at the moment. But people shouldn’t fear them. If you have your security up tight, if you have done all the basics, and follow all the rules, life will go on, and everything will be ok. Most hackers are not actually that intelligent. Granted, there is a handful of extremely bright coders/programmers out there. But you need to know that this is NOT the majority of the crowd out there. The majority of the crowd falls into the category of what we like to call “script kiddies” …people with zero skills, who download malicious programs from the internet and the darkweb (if they actually survive without getting hacked themselves) and attempt to put them to work. (more…)

Give the Gift of I.T.

Give the Gift of I.T.

Everything I.T.’s gift certificates make the perfect Christmas (or other occassion) gift for the person that is difficult to buy for, because they can be used for so many different things. If the recipient is non-technical, they can be used to set up email, for computer tutoring or training, or for remote technical assistance if they get in a jam they just can’t resolve on their own. It can be used for a computer repair, for home or business. For the more technical person, it can be used for computer hardware upgrades (for your favorite gamer) like graphic cards, hard drives, extra memory, or whatever. It can use used to help them get that website going that they know they need but haven’t been able to afford, or if they already have one, they can get upgrades to it, or even an annual maintenance contract. The best part is, …you don’t have to choose. You just chip in, purchase the gift certificate, and let them use it however they want! It’s perfect really…There are very few people who can’t find some use for it. You can purchase the gift certificate for any amount you choose, from $35 and up. ($35.00 is still the minimum 1 hour rate for any job) It’s perfect for young and old alike. I tutor students, and work with seniors, I’m very patient, and can help anyone who needs it to adapt to the technical era. Get one today!

AMOUNT (add quantity later)
Name of recipient
Recipient Mailing Address

Holiday Days and Hours Update

Holiday Days and Hours Update

The office will be closed from December 22nd until Jan 2nd, although I could be available as early as December 30th. Leaving town for Christmas. Although ALL remote services will still be available. I’m just not taking any jobs that require me “physically” being there, or any equipment/laptop drop-offs. I will however have a computer with me, and will answer all emails and texts, and will be able to perform any remote services, like Windows issues, Website issues, etc. …any of the things I would normally do remotely. So please don’t hesitate to call just because the hours say closed, there was no field to add an explanation on Yelp or Facebook. 


Everything I.T. Now Has A HELP Forum!

I get calls all the time from people who have simple questions…How do I do something on Facebook? How do I do something online? What would be the best or cheapest solution to my problem? Etc, etc. Everything I.T. is a business that cares about people. We are a business, yes, but there are many things you just shouldn’t have to pay for, …and general assistance is one of them. We aren’t going to take your money if we can help you save it. There are too many people trying to take every darn penny you earn for stuff that we, as human beings, should do for each other. I see so many places “charging” to support their own customers…people who have already purchased their products, and I for one, find it distasteful and appalling! So Everything I.T. now has a help forum. If you want to ask a question, please ask it there, so that others can benefit as well from your question and the answer that goes with it. (Didn’t they tell you all through school that there is NO SUCH THING as a stupid question?) …It’s true. When you ask a question, you actually help others as well who may not have the words to ask, or who may be too embarrassed. It’s a simple sign-up, and it’s encrypted so your email doesn’t get hacked. (in fact our entire site is encrypted!) So just go to the help forum, and post your question, and we will try to answer it as soon as possible. And if you read something I answer, and have a better answer, you can sign up to respond as well. so don’t be shy because you are the first one to post. I imagine on every forum that started, someone went first at some point. 🙂

You there is 1 topic started, only to make it easy for someone not so technical I guess…all you have to do is hit reply. But you are most welcome to start your own topic if you want. Anything not X-rated (this is an under-13 approved site) or illegal is welcome.

Avoiding Tricky Hidden Viruses

Avoiding Tricky Hidden Viruses

Are you a person who sometimes gets viruses or malware on your computer, and you swear you didn’t install it, but you did, and you can’t figure out how or when it got slipped in there? Well I’m going to show you a common one that people miss.

The problem now is, that hackers KNOW that most people select the DEFAULT, QUICK installation when they install things. So they hide them there. The solution? DON’T! Don’t select the default option when installing programs, EVER. Always choose the “ADVANCED” or “CUSTOM” installation when installing things. Always! I guarantee that 90-95% of the time, there is a toolbar, or some additional program installation needing your approval, set up in the default installation, and if you choose default, you “WILL” authorize it’s installation. I’m going to show you a picture, and as I run across other examples, I will come back and add more pictures to this post. But for now, I have two from today.

Hidden Toolbar in default program installation

Notice, that “if” I were to select the ADVANCED option, ONLY THEN can I UNCHECK the Delta Toolbar installation seeking authorization in this program installation. This is very common. Standard today, in fact. What’s unique about this one, and why I chose it, as this one allows you to “see” what they are hiding, so it’s not so deceptive. Most of the time, the text and everything is COMPLETELY hidden, and you can’t see it until you either “uncheck” the default option, or “check” the advanced or custom option. I’ll say it again: “usually” it’s COMPLETELY hidden. I chose this picture, because in this install, you can see it. And I wanted one where you could see so I could show you.

Here’s another example: This one has the same Delta toolbar hidden under advanced installation, but even if you catch that one, don’t forget to click DECLINE “BEFORE” CLICKING NEXT!! so you don’t install the MIDI program also! (decline does not stop the installation, it prevents authorization for the malware program installation!)

Hidden toolbar & program authorization in program install


So here it is (the first example) once I unchecked the default, chose the advanced install, and UNCHECKED the additional nasty little Delta Toolbar. (all toolbars are nasty btw…never install any additional toolbars, NEVER!

The correct way, unselect additional toolbard

The correct selections

So now hopefully you see how they hide those tricky things, and maybe next time, they won’t get you. 🙂

Remember, always choose advanced or custom program installations. You don’t have to be a technical genius to choose that option. That’s what the hackers want you to think.