Best Spam plugin for WordPress

I’ve been using this plugin for a few years now, and I must say, it’s the very best anti-spam plugin on the market. It’s not free, but it’s not expensive either. The plugin is called Cleantalk. You are going to want to go HERE to get Cleantalk, or check it out. The spam blocker works on all sign-in pages, forms, and everything that takes input…and it’s got a firewall, so it blocks both IP addresses and email addresses…it’s very effective. I have never liked Akismet, and those captcha things are a pain in the butt in my opinion, so I don’t trouble my viewers with captchas when they register. I don’t need to. Check it out!

Finally! It’s about time the public got retribution from Microsoft!

If you experience heartache over the Windows 10 upgrade, it may be the time to push the issue. There is now a class action lawsuit against the software giant over unwanted consequences from the unwanted upgrade, and people are winning. Read about THIS class action lawsuit which has a good chance of succeeding, as a precedence has already been set by this small claims lawsuit that awarded this travel agent $10,000.00 . Were you severely inconvenience also, and did you have to put out to get your computer fixed? Then what are you waiting for? Go get in on the action…they really have it coming to them, in my opinion, for putting out a Windows Update of a complete operating system upgrade that people had absolutely no knowledge of…yes, I am now a Windows 10 user, only by necessity because the rest of the known digital almost all have it, and I need to be knowledgeable to stay in business, but that doesn’t mean I approve about how they went about, or even like it really. Luckily, I blocked, and waited, and so I had no issues, but I know how many did…I got the calls. Wow. And I feel for you guys. It was difficult to charge people, because well, I have a heart, and I hated that they did that to the public…so if you can get something back, I want you do know about it.

Clef Two Factor Authorization is Closing

If you use Clef 2-factor auth. sign-in on your WordPress website(s), the app/plugin will stop working after 3 months from now. I have never used it myself, I saw that it had too many issues from the beginning, but many people do (in the millions actually). WordFence does have cell-phone sign-in, but only with their premium version. (which is expensive) …WordFence premium is $99 a year for a single license. It goes down significantly if you buy more licenses though. I would buy it unless I could get it for around $30, which requires signing up 25 licenses. If you are interested, send me your info, and if I get enough people together to get cheaper licenses, we could get them as a group. The final shutdown date for Clef is June 6, 2017. If you want to read their post, it’s here:

WordPress 4.7.3 is out today.

The latest version fixed 39 bugs and some major security issues. Update your WordPress site today, or call Everything I.T and start a simple maintenance contract. We would love to maintain  your site for you. Call or Chat today!