If you experience heartache over the Windows 10 upgrade, it may be the time to push the issue. There is now a class action lawsuit against the software giant over unwanted consequences from the unwanted upgrade, and people are winning. Read about THIS class action lawsuit which has a good chance of succeeding, as a precedence has already been set by this small claims lawsuit that awarded this travel agent $10,000.00 . Were you severely inconvenience also, and did you have to put out to get your computer fixed? Then what are you waiting for? Go get in on the action…they really have it coming to them, in my opinion, for putting out a Windows Update of a complete operating system upgrade that people had absolutely no knowledge of…yes, I am now a Windows 10 user, only by necessity because the rest of the known digital almost all have it, and I need to be knowledgeable to stay in business, but that doesn’t mean I approve about how they went about, or even like it really. Luckily, I blocked, and waited, and so I had no issues, but I know how many did…I got the calls. Wow. And I feel for you guys. It was difficult to charge people, because well, I have a heart, and I hated that they did that to the public…so if you can get something back, I want you do know about it.