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$65 for installation with cost of certificate INCLUDED. (usually separate cost)

If you don’t have an SSL certificate on your website, your site likely looks like this first image (on a Mac):  The next 5 are examples of other various displays of sites without SSL, on various browsers

No SSL, Needs SSL, or HAS SSL      

The main point is this, without an SSL certificate, you won’t have the GREEN PADLOCK next to your sites URL (web address) and you are losing traffic, and BUSINESS. Not to mention that Google now “bottom ranks” insecure (non-ssl) websites. That’s right, you go to the VERY BOTTOM of the page ranking results, displaying probably, somewhere around page 10 in the search results if someone searches for your business with Google. Sometimes even warnings are displayed recommending people NOT navigate to your website. Those can look something like this:

Or, maybe you find yourself in this situation: You may actually HAVE an SSL certificate on your website, but still don’t have the GREEN PADLOCK on your address bar, indicating it is secure. If you have THIS particular issue, I can fix that also. It has to do with having mixed content, and I can fix it, you should call me. (it will be a different price, so don’t use this button though) If you DO have an SSL certificate, and the HTTPS:// address works, but you still don’t have a green padlock, your site will look something like this:

Mixed Content

NOTE: If you already have a certificate, or if you choose to purchase your own from a different provider, the cost of installation is still $65, which is a discount from the $75, which is a discount from the original price of $100.

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