You may have heard that more and more penetrations are coming by way of IoT devices. This may be new and confusing to you, and you may be wondering if this affects you, and how it could affect you.

IoT devices are devices that use, and connect to the internet, but because they are more simple in nature, haven’t been considered for security risks. One of the newest ones that has popped up is IP Cameras. An IP camera is a camera that transmits it’s data (images) in DIGITAL format instead of analog. How would you know if you had a digital IP camera? Well, analog cameras connect to recorders with coaxial cables, where digital IP cameras use a standard Ethernet (internet) cable. Here is an example of a digital IP camera: .  If you have a newer security system in your home, or especially if  you have a business with a full-fledged camera network security system, then this article on how Sony cameras are compromising networks would be a good, and highly recommended read for you. My job is simply to educate you, and pass on new and important information, hoping to protect the public from the scoundrels and criminals who want to take advantage of your weaknesses.

Have a Happy Holiday season this 2016 Christmas and New Year. Blessings from Everything I.T.