Quite often, the articles and/or information that I find so very interesting that they are worth re-posting, are often not related to information technology, and for that, I apologize. But I really could not pass this up. The whole situation sounds pretty serious to me, for an entire country to demonetize part of its cash currency to fight counterfeiting and terrorism. But that’s exactly what India did. Not all of its currency, mind you, but the most common bills I suppose. It would be equivalent of USA saying “as of midnight tonight, no $20’s, $50’s, or $100’s bills will be any more be considered legal tender for stores, bill payment, or anything that requires payment that you wish to render payment for in cash”; And that would have serious economic consequences for the country. But think; If they did it in one country, what is to stop them from trying it here if it’s successful? It’s scary to think about. If you want to read the article (which is very good, and worth reading) read it here: https://www.indipulse.com/demonetization-in-india-a-perfect-case-of-solution-worse-than-the-problem/