Well, there were no posts on the blog page, so I figured we needed to create the first post. Welcome to The new site. The old site has been up since around 2006 or so, and it was time to upgrade. Seriously time. There is not a lot to read yet, as the new site is just getting started, and the old site didn’t have a blog. But we have been on Facebook for quite some time. So if you are new and just trying to figure who we are, I recommend you go there and take a look. There are many good posts and information there. There will be here also, eventually.

Everything I.T. does a little bit of everything. Our favorite pass-time is creating new and wonderful websites for your (or my) businesses. In the spare time when we aren’t developing, creating, or coding, we are fixing or building machines, doing some tutoring or training, or posting and doing other fun things on the accounts of our clients who have hired us to just manage things for them. There is always something keeping us (me) busy.

So again, WELCOME! Look around, give us a call, or open a chat, bookmark us for later, or whatever floats your boat. 🙂

Until I hear from you,