You wanted to know where the earthquake was centered at, right? I did. Well, it was centered on the Island of Santa Cruz. (click header for full post to see map) My friend has a boat and often cruises out off the coast, and he took a video of the back side of the island, which has major damage, although no “people” were affected, the back side of the island broke off and fell in to to the ocean. If I can get the video link again, I will add it.

Santa Cruz 5.3 Earthquake

If you are on the west side of the VC grade, you likely felt it pretty good. The whole county felt it though, but if you were in Channel Islands, Hueneme, or Point Mugu, you probably felt it the best.

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Glad the earthquake was only 5.3 and not 8.3, right? Because we would have been in serious trouble then. 🙂

Bless you all.