Did Our Own Government Blow Up The WTC on 9/11?

Nothing to do with I.T. at all really…but sometimes a good conspiracy theory is just too good of a post to pass by. This theory was actually presented to me by a new client I acquired last week…and I blew it off. Of course. It was too ridiculous to consider; that our own government would murder 3000 of it’s own citizens. But I’m not a spring chicken, and I do know a thing or two…and the more I thought about how those towers fell, (because I watched them) …It began to mess with my head. So I started looking around the web. It actually makes more sense than the story that a handful of terrorist airplanes wreaked havoc, and no Air Force jets did anything, no anti-missile technology protected the Pentagon, why the towers fell “straight down” and didn’t topple, or seem to affect anything around them, how the entirety of both buildings were destroyed and no sections at all were left standing (I’ve been in aerospace all my life…jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough or long enough, and there would have been NEARLY enough of it in an airplane to “melt” that entire building. ) Here are some more facts to consider, and there are many more articles if you are interested, just Google. Liberty For Life

And there are other  articles, …like “Who Really Blew Up The World Trade Center” ; And some videos if you want to watch them:




So? What thinkest thou? Do you believe the terrorist story, or the conspiracy story? Why? Add comments…

More Phishing: Scammer tricked into installing ransomware!

More Phishing: Scammer tricked into installing ransomware!

So I was reading this excellent story, because I LOVE when the bad guy gets what’s coming to him. (Even though I don’t necessarily agree with what the guy did, and probably wouldn’t myself, but I think I’m glad he did…) Anyway, the story about what took place is here: Tech support SCAMMER tricked! (you have to click the READ MORE to see the actual link, sorry. …or the Post Title…)

The part about the article I really wanted to share was about what set the guy off to start with…the WEB SITE his parents landed on that “appeared” to be a real blue screen of death…but was actually just a very good image on a web site:


So read the article if you like, I don’t judge. But the thing I want to share is that you should never get all worried when you see a scary pop-up image, get a scary email, or in particular nowadays, get a scary phone call. If it’s a phone call, I don’t care if it’s from Microsoft, your bank, the IRS, the Local Court, it doesn’t matter. Hang up. And then do some research. And if you need help, give us a call and we will do our best to help you nail it down. (often times you can just Google the phone number, and you will know right away it’s a scammer if you ever had doubt!)

Because when you look at this image above, you can see how it would scare someone. Just keep your wits, never lose your head!

Happy Surfing!

Additional comments on 404 to 301 plugin

WordFence, the people who discovered the cloaked content on the plugin (read previous post if you missed it) has apparently received a lot of flack for their post and how they handled the information they received. They have since published a wonderful article IN DEFENSE of their original, stated “why” they still feel they have helped the public by revealing what they did…most notably to me was that the cloaking was REVEALED in their T & C (the plugin author’s T & C) …however in a place most would never find it unless they read the entire long document carefully, word for word, all the way to very end; AND by the fact that this is not a hole in their plugin, but that it was specifically coded in to it by the author. There is much more, the extended results of the malware, the sites it links to that will infect your machine, the adult content site that is not linked to a school website with a WordPress site, and much more. I highly encourage you to read it if you are one who is questioning their revelation of the malware.

or, if you, like me, are a fan of WordFence and appreciate all they do to keep our WordPress sites safe, …you can probably ignore it. (unless, also like me, you are simply a curious, “wants to have all the information” type person, lol in which case it’s a very good read.)

Oh, I forgot the link (almost) Additional post on 404 to 301 Plugin

WordPress 4.6 is Finally Here!

Yes it is here…I’ve been running it for 3 weeks already, since the beta came out, and it’s great! So if you haven’t upgraded, go do it now! Update your WordPress site(s)!

404 to 301 WordPress Plugin creates cloaked adware on Search Engines

Now this one was a new one to me, so I read this page with attentiveness. It seems that the malware can create text that doesn’t show up on the site, only on the search engine preview, which hurts your SEO and can get your site completely blocked from the search engine (Google, Bing) if you don’t get it removed. The malware is inserted with a high-rated popular plugin called 404 to 301, a plugin with over a 4.6 rating and over 70,000 downloads! You can read the entire article and the technical stuff here if you want: 404 to 301 plugin with malware . If you use this plugin, you should remove it for now, or see if they update it and fix it.