So I was reading this excellent story, because I LOVE when the bad guy gets what’s coming to him. (Even though I don’t necessarily agree with what the guy did, and probably wouldn’t myself, but I think I’m glad he did…) Anyway, the story about what took place is here: Tech support SCAMMER tricked! (you have to click the READ MORE to see the actual link, sorry. …or the Post Title…)

The part about the article I really wanted to share was about what set the guy off to start with…the WEB SITE his parents landed on that “appeared” to be a real blue screen of death…but was actually just a very good image on a web site:


So read the article if you like, I don’t judge. But the thing I want to share is that you should never get all worried when you see a scary pop-up image, get a scary email, or in particular nowadays, get a scary phone call. If it’s a phone call, I don’t care if it’s from Microsoft, your bank, the IRS, the Local Court, it doesn’t matter. Hang up. And then do some research. And if you need help, give us a call and we will do our best to help you nail it down. (often times you can just Google the phone number, and you will know right away it’s a scammer if you ever had doubt!)

Because when you look at this image above, you can see how it would scare someone. Just keep your wits, never lose your head!

Happy Surfing!