So today, got to troubleshoot something different. Usually it’s either a Windows machine, or a Macintosh (OSX) or a smaller Mac (iOS) , or an Android. But rarely do I get to work on a Win-Mac. So today, a guy calls wanting to get his USB to work on His Windows install, inside of Virtualbox, inside of his Macbook. If you don’t know, Virtualbox is a Java program that lets you run any operating system inside of a virtual machine, inside of any other operating system. So today’s, his was Windows inside of OSX (Macintosh) …so it was quite fun. I love a challenge.

My next task is to run Mac (OSX) on a Windows machine. (also referred to as a ‘hackintosh’) …which is a slightly more difficult task. 🙂

Give me a call with your challenging task that’s giving you a headache,  …and I’ll make it work for you!