So, I did a short blog post about the new ruling that releases the FCC from the responsibility of requiring your ISP (internet service providers) from getting permission to share your data, right? (read 2 posts back for the post) Well, the senate voted and passed it, and as far as I know, Trump hasn’t vetoed it. So now, your ISP can SELL all your data…if you read the article, you can get an idea of just how much they can do with it. And like me, you may think “well that’s just too much work, who is going to track all that little details of information on every citizen?” …right? That would just be crazy, right? …!WRONG! There are whole huge buildings of data centers everywhere! Just storing all of this data on people …In one post, I showed you a picture (old now) of Facebook’s data center, and just how many servers and drives it has…and they are just one company on one website. There are hundreds, if not more of them, just like that, or larger. And now, AI (artificial intelligence) is a reality. Computer programs can collect, sort, and process all that data about your daily lives, every citizen in the blink of an eye with very little effort. VPNs (virtual private network) didn’t used to really be necessary…but they kind of are now. I found a decent one that is fairly cheap, and it doesn’t seem to slow my system down at all. Check it out…I like it. I used to use it just for file-sharing, but now I use it a lot more. IT’s called Express VPN.  Give it a try! You can get it here! (just click that link)