Do you ever just get sick and tired of them? I do…they come daily now. I want to change my phone number, but I really don’t even think that will help. Today the guy calls with an Indian accent so strong I can comprehend him, but he SWEARS he’s calling from New Jersey.
“Ma’am, your computer is downloading lots of executable files, are you aware of this?” …geeeez, do people really fall for this? I mean even the IRS phone scams are at least original, and a little harder to detect, but these computer tech phone calls are just so bad they are laughable. These guys are so STUPID to think that American people will really fall for their scam. I mean REALLY stupid. And here I thought they had a lot of intelligent people in India…but I guess they have more dummys than most. I mean come on already.

I just wanted to vent today. My bad. Don’t fall for any phone scams though. Remember, verify, verify, verify. And if you think you really have a problem, don’t let some unknown person who calls you, on to your computer. Just hang up and call a legitimate technical support to check it out.