I am FOREVER answering questions about email. And email explanations are usually lengthy. I get questions like “how to share an email address with my spouse” and set it up right…or, “How to set my email address up on my phone, tablet, AND computer so that it ‘does such and such’ or ‘doesn’t do such and such’ ” and how to set it up so that no emails are lost, folders are sync’ed, calendars are sync’ed, etc, etc.

Well, I found this excellent blog post that someone has already written for me. And since I can’t steal it (because that would not be ethical) and repost it here, and since it has really nice pictures to explain everything since so many people don’t want to take the time to read, cause that takes forever, I thought I would just send you there. Hope you don’t mind going to another site to read it:

How Do I Deal with One Email Account On Two Machines?