Wow, I missed this one. I’m so sorry…I try to get this kind of information out there, and I usually run across this kind of stuff, but I missed this one. It was first discovered after Algeria’s position in our “Top Attacking Countries” list moved from 60 to position 24 practically overnight. When people started looking at why, the vulnerability was discovered in certain home routers from certain ISPs. The ISPs affected in the U.S. from what I can tell, is Comcast Cable, and Time Warner Cable. (not Verizon or Frontier) But, seeing how I am reporting late, the botnet has been shut down in the last 48 hours (they think) …but if you want the information on that botnet, and how they accessed HOME ROUTERS, read the article HERE (and the ones from the links inside the article, they have important information also!) Oh, I forget, you can check your own router HERE