This post is to make you aware of a new Gmail email phishing attack that has fooled many experienced I.T. technicians and consultants. The only way to avoid it, is to be aware of how it works. Wordfence has done such a good post on this…so I won’t re-iterate all of their information. However, their post is quite long, and the information may just a little “too” deep for many to process through, so I will point out the highlights : To detect it, you have to FULLY read the address in the address bar, and it’s tricky. If you are reading Wordfence’s post, you need to go down about 1/3 down the page, to the picture of the address bar with the bright red arrow, and then some whitespace, and the script tag at the end of it….this is what you need to look for, and you have to select all the text to see as it will likely fall off the end and be hidden (which is intentional) There is also a paragraph titled “HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF” READ THIS! That’s the important part! If you are able, I encourage you to read the entire thing. The post/information is HERE: 

Also, there is some other great info in the post, and that is you can check any of your email addresses to see if they have been pawned anywhere… it’s a very reputable site, and THAT SITE IS HERE . If yours is RED, change your password!