Do you have a WordPress site? Do you understand about the necessary security to keep it from getting hacked? Are you aware that WordPress sites, even though they are the best, are also under constant threat of being hacked by bots (programmatic access) ?

Everything I.T. has many web services other than just great design. We can configure your site with security, and install safeguards to make it more secure. Better yet, for a small annual fee that amounts to roughly $20 a month, we can maintain your site for you. We can take charge of updating all those theme files, plugins, and WordPress core program files and keep it updated all the time, and we can also do both the file and database backups necessary to restore it in case something ever fails. If this is something you think you would like for your site, contact us TODAY! (OR just use the chat on the site to get a hold of us) Ask for a website maintenance contract.