Facebook is up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all around the globe…and it seems that EVERYONE in the WORLD is on it on the weekends especially, and even more so in the USA where it’s an election year, and so much drama is going on in the world. Instead of news sites, people go to Facebook. They pass around local, county, state, country, and world news, as well as friend and family updates and videos. Do you take it all for granted? Have you ever stopped and wondered how many data centers it takes to run Facebook, or how many SERVERS on the other hand, considering the service is FREE and you don’t have to pay for any of it?

Well I did. (wonder) So I looked it up for you. Come to find out, Facebook is pretty open about everything…their data-centers, their custom technology as far as hardware (which is custom)( …and their software!) …so if you are the curious type, check it out here: Facebook Data Centers & Servers

But if you want a number, it’s over 60,000 servers, spread out over a handful of data centers around the globe. I can’t steal all their images, so you’ll have to go there if you want to see the pictures. 🙁