Finally! A few months ago, I joined the GoDaddy customer feedback board, so that I could voice my, and others’ dissatisfaction with them for not giving shared hosting clients the PHP version 7 upgrade. They said it was too much work for shared hosting. When I joined this feedback team, they had said they were “working on it” but that it could be December 2017 or later before they finished. I had found many forums where people were complaining about it, and leaving GoDaddy because of it. Well I’ve been with them over 10 years, and this is the first issue I’ve really had with them, and when they started this feedback board, and solicited memberships, I got on the bandwagon, and I let them know. I’m sure it wasn’t just me, because there were likely many others as well, but I was pleasantly surprised this week to find in my inbox not only the ability to upgrade to PHP 7.0, but 7.1 as well. And it’s only JULY!! So GoDaddy does seem to listen to their long time clients, and they do seem to care whether we stick around or not. (Because I was going to leave too if it didn’t change, it was hurting my site) So, there you go, GoDaddy shared hosting clients…go run and upgrade your PHP. If my site is down any time this coming week, it means I’m doing mine, and there were issues. (I need a new theme anyway, so it probably will be down) …HAVE FUN!!

The PHP Elephant