Ok, well, I was searching for some decent I.T. related Black Friday deals to give you. I literally found pretty much nothing to write home about. 10% here and there… (I don’t get out of bed or blink an eye at a mere 10%, right?) …but I did find one. And so far, it’s the only one. But I did find you a 70% hosting discount at one of the best rated hosting companies, SiteGround. SiteGround is known for their quality WordPress hosting service. And right now, you can get a hosting account for 70% discount, and I think it’s good until Monday (Cyber Monday) night at midnight. (but if you are going to let today slip by, and you really want it, I would check with them to be sure…I had briefly read it somewhere, but when I went to post, I couldn’t confirm the end date/time) SiteGround WordPress Hosting 70% Off!!