Rae Wayne
Donna is a LIFE SAVER! OMG, they say in this world, it’s better to be lucky than smart… I am soooo lucky I found her. I first used Donna and Everything I.T. in summer of 2018. I was hired for a speaking engagement, I am a professional speaker, and this was a unique situation where I had to design a custom PowerPoint (usually they’re designed for me). I had so many challenges, I was in a panic — I chose Donna because she was in Oxnard CA, and I lived in Moorpark CA, which is less than an hour away, but I have never actually needed to go there. Donna responded to me instantly, and her online communication has been great. She explained there was no need to meet in person unless I really wanted to, which surprised me. We worked together on the phone, she set up a ‘screen sharing’ so she could work from my desktop while I watched, and within an hour… EUREKA! The job was done. Since then I’ve called upon Donna several more times… for various issues. I am a Mac user, and on top of that several of my software programs are outdated… it sometimes takes her a few extra minutes to figure out a solution to my issues, YET she never gives up. And my situation might be unusual (yours may take longer) yet we are always finished within an hour. Yesterday I needed to ’embed’ a YouTube video into another PowerPoint presentation… I am flying out today. I struggled and struggled and was running out of time… finally in desperation I shot her a quick email, just in case she might squeeze me in. She called me within minutes. Wham-bamm, my problem was solved. Really people — I can’t say enough — she is my Go-To solution for everything tech! Give her a try, you will be glad you did.