Everything I.T. Now Has A HELP Forum!

I get calls all the time from people who have simple questions…How do I do something on Facebook? How do I do something online? What would be the best or cheapest solution to my problem? Etc, etc. Everything I.T. is a business that cares about people. We are a business, yes, but there are many things you just shouldn’t have to pay for, …and general assistance is one of them. We aren’t going to take your money if we can help you save it. There are too many people trying to take every darn penny you earn for stuff that we, as human beings, should do for each other. I see so many places “charging” to support their own customers…people who have already purchased their products, and I for one, find it distasteful and appalling! So Everything I.T. now has a help forum. If you want to ask a question, please ask it there, so that others can benefit as well from your question and the answer that goes with it. (Didn’t they tell you all through school that there is NO SUCH THING as a stupid question?) …It’s true. When you ask a question, you actually help others as well who may not have the words to ask, or who may be too embarrassed. It’s a simple sign-up, and it’s encrypted so your email doesn’t get hacked. (in fact our entire site is encrypted!) So just go to the help forum, and post your question, and we will try to answer it as soon as possible. And if you read something I answer, and have a better answer, you can sign up to respond as well. so don’t be shy because you are the first one to post. I imagine on every forum that started, someone went first at some point. 🙂

You there is 1 topic started, only to make it easy for someone not so technical I guess…all you have to do is hit reply. But you are most welcome to start your own topic if you want. Anything not X-rated (this is an under-13 approved site) or illegal is welcome.

The BEST VPN (virtual PRIVATE network)

So, I did a short blog post about the new ruling that releases the FCC from the responsibility of requiring your ISP (internet service providers) from getting permission to share your data, right? (read 2 posts back for the post) Well, the senate voted and passed it, and as far as I know, Trump hasn’t vetoed it. So now, your ISP can SELL all your data…if you read the article, you can get an idea of just how much they can do with it. And like me, you may think “well that’s just too much work, who is going to track all that little details of information on every citizen?” …right? That would just be crazy, right? …!WRONG! There are whole huge buildings of data centers everywhere! Just storing all of this data on people …In one post, I showed you a picture (old now) of Facebook’s data center, and just how many servers and drives it has…and they are just one company on one website. There are hundreds, if not more of them, just like that, or larger. And now, AI (artificial intelligence) is a reality. Computer programs can collect, sort, and process all that data about your daily lives, every citizen in the blink of an eye with very little effort. VPNs (virtual private network) didn’t used to really be necessary…but they kind of are now. I found a decent one that is fairly cheap, and it doesn’t seem to slow my system down at all. Check it out…I like it. I used to use it just for file-sharing, but now I use it a lot more. IT’s called Express VPN.  Give it a try! You can get it here! (just click that link)

Useful Tools: Google Guide

So OK, today I was working on improving my “white hat” SEO skills, and I ran across something in all my searches, and all my thousands of hours online I had never seen before. (It happens :-b) It’s called “Google Guide” and it has all kinds of amazing tools for using Google to search. I was always aware that there were special operators you could use to write more complicated searches, but I never really bothered to learn them…but I had no idea there were actually algorithm keywords and syntax’s to do very sophisticated searches, and that all I had to do was bookmark it to become an immediate “search genius!” …So that’s what I did. Here are some of the interesting things you can find on Google Guide:

New Law allows your ISP to collect and SELL ‘ALL’ Your Data!

Trump just signed a new law that repeals the old one that was supposed to put privacy restrictions on your data, and can now collect ALL your browsing history, and sell it to the highest bidder. This is a terrible move on Trump’s part. Looks like he may not be a politician, but he is still in the pockets of big business. Read the whole article here on Techrepublic’s site: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/the-real-reason-behind-the-new-law-for-isps-and-what-it-means-for-internet-users/?ftag=TRE684d531&bhid=21935322407075098143808078291188

Best Spam plugin for WordPress

I’ve been using this plugin for a few years now, and I must say, it’s the very best anti-spam plugin on the market. It’s not free, but it’s not expensive either. The plugin is called Cleantalk. You are going to want to go HERE to get Cleantalk, or check it out. The spam blocker works on all sign-in pages, forms, and everything that takes input…and it’s got a firewall, so it blocks both IP addresses and email addresses…it’s very effective. I have never liked Akismet, and those captcha things are a pain in the butt in my opinion, so I don’t trouble my viewers with captchas when they register. I don’t need to. Check it out!

Are your website(s) rated as SECURE??

Are your website(s) rated as SECURE??

If you have a website, you may have not even considered getting it rated as secure by the many website security rating systems that are out there, that display a security symbol next to your search results in Google & Bing.  It looks something like this (this is Norton’s)     There are many of them, but the most popular ones are Norton’s Safe Web, WOT (web of trust), McAfee’s Site Advisor, Trend Micro’s “Trend Secure” …and so many others.
To get this, you would need to submit your site (and only the owner can do it)to Norton (or whichever rating service) for review, and then they give it that little green box stamp of approval next to the URL in the search results. For Norton’s Safeweb, You can submit it here: https://safeweb.norton.com/help/site_owners There are others also, if you want to deal with all of them, I don’t know, (I recommend doing as many as you can) but there is also Web of Trust (WOT), Webutation ( https://www.webutation.net/ ) McAfee Site Advisor (now called web advisor I think) (https://home.mcafee.com/root/landingpage.aspx?lpname=get-it-now&affid=0&cid=170789), AVG Threat Labs (https://www.avgthreatlabs.com/), Trend Micro’s TrendProtect, (https://test.trendsecure.com/portal2.1/en-US/free_security_tools/trendprotect.php?page=download) …and I’m sure there are others. I think Norton, Web of Trust, and Site/Web Advisor are the most commonly used ones.

Here’s a list of a few more if you’re interested: https://www.toptenreviews.com/software/articles/website-reputation-rating-tools/ 

Get your site that little green safe icon, because without it, you may just be losing traffic!